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Jul 31

If you have received a diagnosis of skin cancer, you will most likely need skin cancer surgery. With this surgery, your dermatologist will surgically remove the cancerous skin tissue from your body. Thanks to modern technology, intraoperative frozen sections now make skin cancer surgery more precise than ever and give you the best chance of […]

Jul 31

Scientists across the globe are working around the clock to learn as much as we can about COVID-19. There is growing evidence that this novel coronavirus can affect the skin in several ways. Changes to the ears, nose, fingers, and toes have all been observed, and these skin conditions associated with COVID-19 have reportedly been […]

Jul 03

At-home skin care, while important, is only part of the overall picture of skin health. The other part is getting your annual dermatology exam. During an annual skin exam, a professional dermatologist examines your skin for possible signs of cancer and other health concerns. By getting an annual exam, you are protecting your skin and your […]