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The “next-generation in BroadBand Light therapy: BBL HERO® to the rescue … improves skin, from head to toe!

Kirsch Dermatology in Naples, Florida, is committed to an exceptional patient experience. Investments in advanced technologies complement our thoughtful, compassionate service and care. 

Medical technology leader, SCITON®, characterizes the BBL HERO™ as the “next generation” in BroadBand Light treatment. Harnessing powerful, intense pulsed light (IPL) technology, BBL HERO™ can treat a wide range of superficial and deep skin imperfections in a matter of minutes. Built-in cooling helps to assure the utmost comfort, safety, and efficiency. Visible within weeks, results continue to improve over time. 

An Introduction to BBL 

Also known as “phototherapy.” BroadBand Light technologies deliver broad-spectrum photothermal energy to skin and blood vessels marred by conditions such as hyperpigmentation (brown spots) and diffuse redness (rosacea). The light is absorbed by the melanin that gives skin its pigment and the hemoglobin responsible for red discoloration—additionally, phototherapeutic devices aid in stimulating the production of natural collagen and elastin. So, BBL may also be an appropriate treatment for patients with fine lines, wrinkles, and lax or saggy skin. 

BBL HERO® to the Rescue 

The BBL HERO® is designed to treat various conditions from head to toe. Its unique features are associated with optimal power, speed, and cooling. Specialized adapters also allow isolated spots or small areas (such as the upper lip) to be treated swiftly. 

Intense pulsed light is delivered gently to treatment areas via a specialized handpiece. The sensation of warmth during treatment is generally well-tolerated without anesthetic. The BBL HERO® applicator is designed with a cooling feature, which helps maintain comfort while allowing therapeutic light to reach its target safely. Patients can return to work and their everyday activities and schedules after leaving our office. 

Treatable Areas, Conditions 

BBL HERO® is versatile. Appropriate candidates for the “latest” in BBL technology have: 

  • Signs of aging, including dark spots, freckles, and sun damage 
  • Rosacea
  • Vascular lesions
  • Active acne (safe for teens!)
  • Fine lines
  • Cherry angiomas
  • And more

The power of BBL HERO® transcends improving facial appearance. It can also be used effectively and safely on the neck, chest (décolletage), arms, legs, and back. BBL Hero® is indicated for patients with Fitzpatrick skin type 1 (pale, never tans) to type 5 (brown, tans easily). 

What to Expect 

All treatments at Kirsch Dermatology start with a consultation. If we determine BBL HERO® is right for you, as a light-based treatment, you will be provided with eye protection (such as goggles or dark glasses). Again, an anesthetic is not typically needed. The BBL HERO® device may be applied once (a “single-pass”) or multiple times using varying wavelengths to correct particular concerns, such as highly pigmented areas, flushed skin, acne breakouts, and fine lines. 

The sensation of warmth can persist for 30 to 60 minutes following treatment. Since there is nothing to “recover from,” BBL HERO® is a no-downtime treatment. Minor, temporary redness or swelling is not uncommon. Dark spots will gradually peel away. The skin is also more sensitive following phototherapy, so, it is essential to follow any aftercare instructions provided by us; for instance, adequate sun protection is critical. 

Each patient responds differently to treatment; however, improvements are typically noticeable in around seven to 10 days. The number of treatments necessary to attain the desired results depends on factors such as:

  • Skin type 
  • Skin tone
  • The conditions that we are treating
  • The number of areas to be treated
  • Size of area(s)

Experience BBL HERO® for yourself

The BBL HERO® system is elevating the experience patients have with BroadBand Light technology and is driving optimal outcomes from treatment. We encourage you to contact Kirsch Dermatology at (239) 300-9767 to schedule a consultation. For your convenience, you may request an appointment from this website.

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