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Oct 19

The sun beats down in Naples, Florida, and Floridians wouldn’t have it any other way. However, the sun takes a toll on the skin, along with aging, environmental toxins, acne scars, liver spots, warts, and other issues. While laser skin resurfacing sounds like a complicated procedure, it’s actually a nonsurgical option for getting more beautiful […]

Jun 30

If you are one of the millions of men who suffer from male pattern baldness, you know that it can be a frustrating and embarrassing condition. While it is not always possible to predict and prevent male pattern hair loss, there are treatments that can slow the progression of hair loss and even help you […]

May 25

Living in the sunny state of Florida may grant you a nice tan, but it can also cause lasting damage to your skin. Premature wrinkles and sun spots are just a few of the signs that your skin has suffered damage from ultraviolet radiation. A HydraFacial is one of the best ways to treat sun damage and […]

May 10

Did you know that 72% of women over 35 confirmed that their skin’s appearance impacted their confidence? Wrinkles and dry skin were two of the most common complaints of this group of nearly 2,000 women.  Have you heard of the Halo treatment? If you are familiar with visiting a dermatologist clinic for rejuvenating skin care measures, you must […]

Apr 23

Do you have rough or wrinkled skin that’s in need of a little TLC? HydraFacial MD may be exactly what you need. This revolutionary dermatology treatment can take your skin from rough and lined to smooth and refined, with stunningly youthful results. What Causes Rough and Wrinkled Skin? Rough skin texture and fine lines or wrinkles are […]

Apr 12

Did you know that more than one in three Americans reports getting sunburned every year? While sunburn can be painful, is it really a big deal? Yes! Sunburn is a clear sign that you’ve been overexposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. This can lead to skin problems, putting you at risk for cancer. It’s imperative to protect yourself […]

Mar 23

If you are looking for a skin treatment that can give you amazing results, HydraFacial MD is the perfect choice. One of the latest and most advanced skin care solutions on the market, HydraFacial MD offers incredible protection for your skin and corrects common signs of aging to help you achieve smooth, youthful, and blemish-free skin. Protect […]

Mar 08

Did you know that individuals that struggle with skin diseases like acne, rosacea, and other visible skin conditions are at an increased risk of anxiety, depression, feelings of stigmatization, body dysmorphic disorder, and self-harm ideation? If you’ve struggled with skin conditions for years, it can begin to feel overwhelming. Maybe, you’ve tried every treatment you […]

Jan 28

Healthy skin is filled with a protein called collagen. Unfortunately, collagen levels naturally deplete as we age. If you want to keep your skin smooth, firm, and youthful, you will need to look for ways to boost your collagen production. Why Does Collagen Matter? Collagen is an essential protein that is abundantly found in the […]