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What are PDO thread lifts, and how can they address skin laxity?

At Kirsch Dermatology, we know you have a lot of choices to make when it comes to anti-aging products and services. We are here to help you choose the ones that are best suited to your unique needs. One treatment becoming increasingly popular with our patients in the Naples, Florida area is the PDO thread lift, sometimes called “PDO threads.” This aesthetic service provides short-term results in achieving a more youthful look by lifting any sagging skin and increasing the skin’s natural collagen production. Let’s take a closer look at PDO threads and how they work to improve your appearance.

PDO threading at Kirsch Dermatology, Florida

What is a PDO thread lift?

The PDO thread lift is best described as a non-surgical, minimally-invasive procedure that involves the insertion of reabsorbable surgical sutures into specific areas of the face to lift and tighten the skin. These sutures are made from polydioxanone or poly-p-dioxanone (PDO), which is a biodegradable polymer that is safe and absorbable. These dissolvable suture threads are placed by a professional into the subdermal layer of the skin to ensure the boosted collagen production. This procedure often increases both the firmness and the elasticity of the skin, reducing the overall appearance of skin laxity that contributes to fine lines and wrinkles.

Are PDO threads safe?

PDO threads, known as “dissolvable sutures,” are considered safe and have been used in medicine for years. They are effective and safe to use on the facial area for cosmetic purposes, lasting approximately one year. Research has shown that PDO threads can increase local microcirculation, hyaluronic acid, and collagen.

Am I a good candidate for PDO thread lifts?

At Kirsch Dermatology of Naples, Florida, we encourage men and women looking for anti-aging treatments to ask our team about PDO thread lifts to determine if they are proper candidates. Most of our patients who undergo PDO threads are healthy, over the age of 40, and are interested in addressing moderate skin laxity contributing to an aged appearance. A consultation appointment at our office is the best way to learn more about this procedure and if this, or other treatments, are suited for your aesthetic goals.

Before & After Results

PDO threading Before & After Results case-1, Before Image


PDO Threading Before & After Results case-1, After Image


PDO Threading Before & After Results case-2, Before Image


PDO Threading Before & After Results case-2, After Image


PDO Thread Lift
Witness the magic of PDO Thread Lift. Our Before & After video showcases the incredible skin-lifting and tightening results for a more youthful appearance

How can I find out if PDO thread lifts near me are appropriate for my needs?

Our team at Kirsch Dermatology can assist you in finding out if you are a good candidate and can continue with such treatments. Call our office at (239) 300-9767 to request a visit to our practice, conveniently located in Naples, Florida, at 1012 Goodlette-Frank Road, Suite #100.

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