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Meet Dr. Howard Lipkin – Board-Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist

Meet Dr. Howard Lipkin - Board-Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist

Boasting a stellar career that spans over two decades, Dr. Howard Lipkin stands out as a preeminent figure in general, aesthetic, and surgical dermatology. Dr. Lipkin now brings this exceptional expertise to our dynamic Naples, Florida community.

Dr. Lipkin’s journey saw him identifying the limitations of traditional skin-tightening procedures such as face lifts and thread lifts early in his career. A transformative encounter with Dr. Sidney Coleman, an innovator in facial fat transfers, marked a pivotal change in his practice. Adopting Dr. Coleman’s philosophy of prioritizing volume restoration over conventional tightening, Dr. Lipkin refined his approach to favor natural-looking aesthetics.

For 15 years, facial fat transfer techniques were integral to Dr. Lipkin’s practice, until the evolution of facial fillers. His profound expertise in this domain led him to become a national trainer for Sculptra Aesthetic and a renowned national aesthetic filler company. He also devoted over a decade to training dermatology residents, shaping the future faces of skincare.

Dr. Lipkin’s excitement for facial aesthetics is apparent in his practice. He skillfully uses a blend of hyaluronic fillers, Sculptra, and Radiesse to artfully restore beauty, emphasizing a natural appearance. His patients often share how their refreshed, natural look is admired by friends and family. In his practice, Dr. Lipkin focuses on key areas of the face including cheeks, forehead, lips, temples, chin, earlobes, eyebrows, and jawline, ensuring a comprehensive and harmonious enhancement of each patient’s natural features.

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