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Skin Cancer Surgery with Intraoperative Frozen Sections

When it comes to treating skin cancer, quick action is critical. For skin cancer that is diagnosed and treated early, survival rates are quite high. To ensure complete removal of the cancerous tissue with optimal aesthetic results, Kirsch Dermatology performs skin cancer surgery with intraoperative frozen sections.

During this surgery, a small section or layer of the cancerous skin growth is removed. Ink is applied at the margins for proper evaluation, and the tissue section is rapidly frozen. A dermatopathologist (a highly trained specialist in diagnosing skin disorders) then examines the frozen section under a microscope. This process is repeated as layers of the skin growth are removed little by little until the dermatopathologist can confirm that no cancerous skin cells remain.

The use of intraoperative frozen sections examined by a board-certified dermatopathologist provides the following benefits:

  • Results can be confirmed and the surgery deemed successful in a matter of hours rather than days. This saves the patient from having to wait for their results or return for additional surgery.
  • The surgeon receives immediate confirmation about the type of tissue that was removed. Without the use of intraoperative frozen sections during surgery, a surgeon may remove excess healthy tissue along with cancerous tissue in an effort to eliminate all cancerous cells. Using this technique prevents unnecessary tissue removal and achieves the best aesthetic results, minimizing the risk of disfigurement while preserving your health.

Skin cancer surgery with intraoperative frozen sections is usually recommended for cancerous skin growths on the face and scalp. If you have noticed any concerning changes to your skin on your face or scalp, or anywhere else on your body, come in for a comprehensive skin examination at Kirsch Dermatology. Our professional evaluations and treatments can protect you and help you enjoy a long, healthy life.

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