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A Gentle Approach to Radiant Skin

Lighten, Brighten and Refresh with Moxi™!

Moxi is the latest way to REVITALIZE AND REFRESH your skin’s appearance by correcting uneven pigmentation and improving tone and texture.


Moxi comfortably delivers non-ablative laser energy to revitalize your skin by correcting the initial signs of sun damage and aging, no matter the season or your skin type. You’ll love the fact that this lunchtime procedure can fit into your active lifestyle any time of year.

People of all skin types can combat the signs of aging year-round… Get your Moxi today!

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The latest way to


your skin’s appearance by correcting uneven pigmentation

& improving tone and texture.

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Fast and easy. Low-to-no downtime.

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Comfortable treatments, may require anesthetic cream

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Simple post care, stay out of the sun

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24 hours post treatment makeup can be applied

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Achieve Radiant Skin with Moxi™: A Gentle Approach to Rejuvenation

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Ready to elevate your skincare game? Discover Moxi™, the ultimate solution for achieving radiant and youthful skin effortlessly. Say goodbye to uneven pigmentation and dull complexion as Moxi™ lightens, brightens, and refreshes your skin with ease. In this video, learn how Moxi™ offers a gentle approach to revitalizing and refreshing your skin's appearance, correcting imperfections, and enhancing tone and texture. It's time to embrace a prejuvenated look and unlock the secret to luminous, glowing skin with Moxi™

Unlock Flawless Skin: No Filter Needed, Made Possible by Moxi™

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Get ready to reveal your natural beauty without any filters! Join us in this video as we delve into the transformative power of Moxi™ in achieving flawless skin. With Moxi™, say goodbye to the need for filters as it effortlessly enhances your skin's radiance and texture. Experience the magic of Moxi™ as it corrects uneven pigmentation and revitalizes your complexion, leaving you with a luminous glow that needs no digital touch-ups. Discover how Moxi™ makes flawless skin a reality, effortlessly and naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Moxi delivers fractionated laser energy to create micro-coagulation zones which the body then repairs, replacing damaged cells with fresh new ones. Moxi is designed to provide tonal and textural improvements to your face with low downtime, resulting in skin renewal.

How comfortable is the treatment?

Depending on the level of treatment provided, most patients find the treatment well tolerated.  Your practitioner may use cooling air and recommend numbing cream to help ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible.

How long does it take to see results?

Results vary depending on your treatment goals. For the day following your treatment, your skin may appear red and, depending on your level of treatment, you may see the small micro dots called mendz where the laser was applied. As the micro zones heal, they will darken and feel rough. Between days 3-5, the mendz will slough off, revealing the renewed skin beneath.

What is the post care?

Because this is a non-ablative fractionated treatment, the post care regimen is simple. Wear a moisturizing physical sunscreen and stay out of the sun. You may wear makeup 24 hours after your treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on your treatment goals and level of damage. Most patients receive 3-4 corrective treatments, then often will sign up for regular maintenance treatments throughout the year.

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